Today's Journal


It seems that at times meditating is like searching in the deep caves of the mind. Our mind leads to our soul and our soul leads to the Spirit and the Spirit leads to our neighbor. If our meditation goes no further than our mind, then the limitation of our mind becomes our dwelling place. And if our meditation goes no further than our mind it can be like remaining in a self-created cave

Some caves are dark and deep and it seems impossible to find our way and we stumble and fall and stagger around without conscious sensibility to our own darkness and it often produces a stopping within our knowing and we cannot navigate the darkness. Depression follows and we wonder if we can ever get out of such a cave. A light is needed to guide us through and out.

Other caves are full of echoes and we can hear ourselves in multiplied layers of reverberation. Everything is unclear. We hear it, but then again we don’t hear it. The sounds are loud but disorienting by their mimic. Our words sound like they are talking to themselves. The deeper we go into this cave the more we hear our own voice. In the panic of such sound it becomes increasingly difficult to hear the voice of others and the voice of the Lord.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” Jesus