Today's Journal


I read Lewis Hyde’s book ‘The Gift’ several years ago and recently saw some breakout statements about his concept of Gift. This book is one the strongest on creativity, gifts and giving and increase I have ever read. These are some of his ideas of what makes a Gift:

“Motion: A gift keeps on moving and loses value when hoarded and stalled.

Circle: Some artifact of a gift comes back to the receiver.

Increase in value: A gift increases in value as it is transferred.

Labour versus work: A gift is made with inspired labour and is not just an outcome of paid work.

Bond: Gifts create bonds of social obligations.

Community: Gifts enliven communities beyond just an individual giver and receiver.”

These are very solid philosophical ideas to contemplate.

“Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given—and you will receive even more. To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given. But for those who are not listening, even what little understanding they have will be taken away from them.” Jesus