Today's Journal


I first learned the principle of ‘a few things’ years ago while working in construction. From the foundation to the roof takes many skills. Some are fairly easy to learn and others very difficult. For example, finish carpenters don’t often do flat work with concrete. Some people are pretty good at many levels of building, but even so they seem really good at just a few things. And I have known some that were not very good at even a few things (I will not name anyone).

“What makes leaders indispensible to their organizations, our data unmistakably shows, is not being good at many things but being uniquely outstanding at a few things.” Harvard Business Review

As disciples of Jesus we need to see and grab hold of this principle: We are usually only good at a few things and we need to be faithful to what we know and do. Leave the rest to someone who knows what they do. We should stay away from cutting inverse angles on crown moulding unless that’s what we do.

“He who is faithful in a very little thing is aslo faithful in much.” Jesus